3 Day Workshop
From Tuesday, January 21, 2020
To Thursday, January 23, 2020

$1050/person  •  Pre-Season Sale $1000 – Sale Ends Oct 31st

Please Contact Matt for available dates and information.

Each workshop consists of three primary focus areas: avalanche safety, riding instruction, and mountain safety and awareness.

AVALANCHE SAFETY - This is NOT an avalanche class. It is an offering of advice and practice based on our own experience and training. Click here for Avalanche Safety Classes.

  • Check and Understand Daily Avalanche Forecast & Bulletin
  • Overview of Proper Safety Gear and Storage
  • Practice Efficient Gear Assembly
  • Safe Travel Management
  • Evaluate Snow Layers and Stability
  • Terrain Recognition
  • Measure Slope Angle
  • Learn from Visual Observations
  • Mock Rescue

RIDING INSTRUCTION/EXPLORATION – Learn from and ride with an experienced professional in his ‘backyard’! We are here to help you safely advance your riding skills on a personal level and ride your sled to its potential. We will help you in the areas that you want to improve. Our instructors specialize in relating to you on a personal level by evaluating your riding and offering hands on instruction. You will be put in specific situations intended to force you to execute proper technique. You will be challenged and gain confidence as you successfully apply the techniques you acquire. By teaching proper technique and building confidence in your abilities and equipment, you will be on track for a bright future of mountain snowmobiling with your MOUNTAIN SKILLZ! You can expect a full day of adventurous mountain snowmobiling as our instructors work with you to safely become a better rider while having fun. Riding instruction will be catered to your personal ability and goals in the specific disciplines of

Safe Travel Management   Turning Back Uphill
Balance   Directional Changes Around Obstacles
Throttle Application   Tree Navigation
Braking To Enhance Sled Control   Visualizing Where You CAN Go
Deep Snow ‘Breaking Trail”   Jumping Safety
Powder Turns   Climbing
Establishing Position   Turning Out
Wrong Foot Forward   Getting Unstuck
Sidehilling   Leading a Group
Controlled Descent   Tracking Your Riding Partners

MOUNTAIN SAFETY AND AWARENESS - Whether this is your first trip to ride in the mountains or you only ride in the mountains, we are going to help you be better prepared for a safe day of riding.

  • Check Daily Forecast
  • Recent Weather Activity
  • Preparation
  • Clothing
  • Food & Drink
  • Safety Equipment & Tools
  • Understanding Riding Area Terrain
  • Survival Essentials
  • Communication
  • Choosing Riding Partners/Group
  • Safe Travel Management

Required Equipment & Releases

In order for you and us to have the best experience with Mountain Skillz, there are a few things we ask of you. Please bring a modern mountain snowmobile that is in good operating condition. We also have a fleet of new 2020 Polaris AXYS RMK 850s available for rent! It’s strongly recommended that you arrive in good physical shape. Please inform us of any medical conditions ahead of time. This information will remain confidential.

All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or submit approved documentation from a legal guardian prior to arrival. All guests will sign a PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT including a LIABILITY RELEASE and INDEMNIFICATION verifying that they have read, understand, and agree to ALL terms.

Necessary equipment for all guests:

  • adequate clothing (base layer, mid layer, boots, pants, jacket, helmet, 2 pairs of goggles, stocking hat, and multiple pairs of gloves). We stock a full line of Klim gear at our store and are happy to order any specialty items.
  • properly functioning beacon with good batteries to be worn on your body
  • backpack with storage for shovel and probe
  • shovel with metal blade
  • avalanche probe
  • safety equipment (such as knee/shin pads or braces and protective vest).
  • you are responsible for food & drinks

Thanks to the help and support from KLIM, we can provide a beacon, airbag, shovel, and probe for you to use while you are on the snow with us at no charge.

JonMiller Matt Entz MountainSkillz**CANCELLATION POLICY**

We prefer not to cancel any trips, but realize that life happens. Please contact Matt to try and reschedule. All deposits are non-refundable and there are NO cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled trip. Prior to 48 hours from scheduled trip the cancellation fee is 25% or payment can be used to reschedule for any available dates within 2019-2020 operating season.

Contact Matt Entz, Owner of Mountain Skillz

Mountain Skillz is an equal opportunity service provider operating under a Special Use Permit throughout the Divide Ranger District of the Rio Grande National Forest.